BBM 23 July 2019 | Book List


Here is today’s five books for your pleasure.


The Eighth Prisoner by Ian Honeysett. $0.99 from
Against the tumultuous background of events such as the Storming of the Bastille and the Women’s March on Versailles, three very different people – an ambitious Police Inspector, a dedicated but flawed priest and a young woman coming of age in a fast-changing world – are thrown together to struggle against time and a ruthless hidden enemy to solve an increasingly baffling series of murders.


The Restoration of Abby Walker by Linda Rettstatt. $2.99 from
After her marriage and her life blow up in her face, Abby Mulgrew is starting over. She reclaims her maiden name of Walker and starts an antiques business. She is soon aware of the parallels between restoring antiques and restoring her life, all the while preserving the patina–the essence that comes with age…

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BBM 22 June 2019 | Book List


Here is today’s five books for your pleasure.


A Question of Reality by Sarah Truly. $0.99 from
A QUESTION OF REALITY AND OTHER STORIES features five stories about characters in otherworldly scenarios. From time travel to super powers, there’s always a sense that something isn’t quite right as the characters dive into a world that might not be our reality.


Fighting the Storm: Book Four of the Storms of Future Past Series by Kari Kilgore. $4.99 from
The Storm Breaks Alex Collins and Etan Griffith thought love, hard work, and magic protected them from the end of the world. Until heartbreak struck much closer to home. Picking up the pieces brings new friends and new challenges. Threats unseen and unexpected. Will the power of family bring them all through, together?


Whist Hall by Jane Jordan. $3.99 from
After losing her father…

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Premade Cover Groups… Exposed?

Nathalie M.L. Römer - Independent Author

I decided to do a list of Facebook Groups I belong which ALL do premade covers. Pretty much all of the groups require you to request membership. Groups like these are valuable for Authors like myself who are always hunting for places to get their covers from.

All the designers I’ve dealt with so far are very nice, very professional and very responsive to your need as an author. That’s ONE endorsement I will give for the designers I’ve had a pleasure working with or with whom I’m currently working… To make sure this list is impartial I will not indicate which groups I’ve gotten covers from. I will add more groups to the list in due course.

Facebook Groups

Covers by Combs

Under Cover Designs

Q Design Cover and Brand Premades

The Cover Me Darlings

Pre-Made Covers by Just Write. Creations

Cover It!

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Finding Place through Art and Science: The Field Journals of Lyn Baldwin — Discover

“In an increasingly disconnected and attention-deficient world, sketching the veins on a leaf or the mountains out the living room window can help ground us in place and time…” Isaac Yuen explores the work of field ecologist Lyn Baldwin.

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Would Money For Nothing Make Us Happy and Free? | Michael Gibson

Many proponents, particularly the futurists, make erroneous assumptions about what makes people happy. The truth is many people prefer work to leisure, even if they have money. They don’t want to be well kept house cats or children on generous allowances. Replacing meaningful work with checks for all will bore a gaping hole where many find purpose and have fun.

Source: Would Money For Nothing Make Us Happy and Free? | Michael Gibson